Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The Holiday To Do List.... September 2015

Another holiday comes around and so does another To Do List. 
I think I have been a little more realistic this time.  We will see. 

In a little more than two weeks I will. 

  • Walk at least 6 times.
  • Do my Yoga video twice
  • Clean out the Linen closet
  • Complete and Lodge my Tax Return
  • Visit the Warra Animal Shelter to finally deliver the donations that are filling up my house.
  • Catch up on the medical appointments
  • Do more tidying up in the back room- this room is going to take forever to get right!
  • FINISH organising my bedroom
  • Spend time with THE kids.
  • Catch up with some teacher friends
  • Have a PJ Day
  • Blog
  • Set up my Teacher Folder for Term 4
  • Go Shopping - clothes, storage, stationery
See, plenty to do!  Much more manageable than past lists though. 

4 days into the holidays and I can honestly say that I have already "walked" 4 times.  So first point on the list will easily be ticked off.  I have found my yoga dvd so that's a start.  I have pulled out the financial records I need to complete my tax return.  I have already spent a few hours with Miss K- which was a blast!  I made a new game for us to play and we tried some different activities to our usual line up.  I will write more about that another time.

There is more to do and even more to finish, but I got started and sometimes that is the hardest part. 

I will check in with the list at the end of the holidays so you can see how I went.  There is heaps of other things I want to share with you too, so stay tuned for that.