Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Survival Writing: Detached!!

Last week, I started my literacy lesson with this writing prompt.
I found the image on a Writing Prompt Site which I can't locate now!  If you know who I should credit, please let me know! 
I added the red text box with the prompt questions. 

Check out my "Teacher" Example Response below.  The students were rather impressed with me.  I was too. 

SNAP! I look down and see my umbilical floating away.  The cable that keeps me attached to my ship has somehow broken! 

STRETCH! I reach out for it. Desperately, trying to swim through the emptiness of space, fumbling and grasping… nothing.  I can’t make it.  I have no control.  I stare after my lifeline as it slowly drifts further and further beyond me. 

POP! Bubbling below, the lava lake, reminds me of the greater danger.  I was photographing The Red Planet, for further research, and it’s minimal gravity was beginning to pull me in.  How am I going to get out of this one?

CLICK! CCCRRRSSSHHH! Sounds from my radio echo inside my helmet.  I flick the switch on my belt, “AAHH, We have a problem. Over.”

CCRRSSHH!  “Heh, Heh, Good One, Bill.  Hang tight, we’re coming to get you. Over.” 

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