Thursday, March 12, 2015

A Letter from Shelly

Dear Mum,
Where are Grandma and Grandpa?
They were here and they left... like usual... although the house was really really tidy... I don't think I've ever seen it this tidy.  You came home.

They have been gone for days and days... I know Grandpa goes away for days and days sometimes.  I miss him and I'm really rather annoyed when he comes home and wants us to act like he never left.  I have a long memory.  I know he leaves without saying goodbye.

Mum, they have been gone for over a week!!  You are not the easiest human to live with, you know, it is nice to have a different human to play with sometimes. I keep picking up on the scent of other people... Aunty the BFF and that GUY that you seem to snuggle with a lot... they've been here.  There was an invasion of children.  Again! Why do you even open the door for them? But, Grandma and Grandpa still haven't come home.

What's with that??

Did Grandma and Grandpa get sent to the Vet??
Did they get .... (whispers) put to sleep?  Gasp!

I know they bugged you, Mum.  Everyone knows that I didn't appreciate the way Grandpa relocates me (with a cuddle) - talk about inconvenient.  But we had them trained fairly well.  They know how much food I like to eat and they can open the door.  They were pretty good value the last couple of months when you were off with that GUY.  They can be entertaining when they try to play with me.  I miss Grandpa!!

I miss Grandpa and I even miss Grandma and her squawking.  She is really loud, but it has been way too quiet lately.

When are they coming home, Mum?  When?

Love Shelly

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