Friday, March 13, 2015

My Reply

Dear Shelly,

Grandma and Grandpa are on a long holiday.  They are driving south to visit the family.  They haven't been sent to the vet.  I didn't take them to the 'farm' for their retirement.  They left of their own accord and they will be back soon enough.

Yes, they do bug me sometimes, but I agree that they can be entertaining most of the time.  G&G also pay the mortgage so we should probably be thankful that they let us live here.

By the way, I open the door for the children when they come to visit, because if I didn't, they would climb over the fence and break the windows.  I joke.
They are family.  We open the door for family.  Like when I open the back door for you to go on one of your outside adventures.

That guy, won't be around much from now on.  He has decided he would rather spend some time unattached to anyone for a while.  This means that I'm all yours for the moment.  There's no reason to be jealous!  

Weren't we lucky that the BFF took us to the vet today?  I have to say that your nails are much better now.  They were starting to get so long that you wouldn't have been able to walk.  Quite frankly, you looked a bit like an... (whispers) outdoor cat.  There, I said it.  You are my precious pet and so much better than your outdoor neighbours.  You deserve to be taken care of by experts.  I love you so much.

Shelly, my lovely girl, you were so good at the vet today that I'm going to give you tuna for dinner tonight.  Aren't you lucky?

I sometimes wonder what you are thinking when you look at me like that.  Oh a yawn.  Am I boring you, my darling?

I can understand that you miss Grandma and Grandpa because I miss them too. You must find it rather boring when I'm off at work and you are home by yourself.  I'm so glad that you haven't been destructive like the other kitties that I see on the internet.  I don't want to show you the pictures... in case you get any ideas.

Hang in there, my Shelly bean, G&G will be home in a little more than two weeks.  Before long, you will be writing to ask me how long we have to wait for their next expedition.  Enjoy the quiet, my fluffy friend.  Don't forget, that while G&G are away you have unfettered access to their bedroom and no one chasing you off the bed.  Not to mention the fact that no one is relocating you with cuddles.  You poor dear.  Grandpa loves you.

Meanwhile, I could use a snuggle with you.  I have a headache from all that nasty school work I had to do this afternoon.

Hark, what's that I hear?  You are meowing.  Must be time for dinner.

I will have to crack open the tuna.  I'm coming...

Meow, Meow,
Love MeowM