Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Talented Procrastination

Today's title is the reason I have managed to post something everyday so far this week.  I actually drafted a bunch of posts ahead of time... who'd have thought I could be so intelligent and organised.

However, while I have been drafting blog posts for AGT there are several things I haven't done.  For example I haven't:

  • finished the laundry
  • done my lesson planning for this week
  • written the end of term exam for my class
  • constructed the criteria sheet for the teaching unit I'm supposed to have finished writing by now
  • done the dishes
  • written feedback in my students' notebooks
  • marked the homework
  • modified the lesson resources for my two 'difficult' students
  • laminated the game cards for my class
  • cooked extra meals so I don't have to cook when I get home from school
  • had a nap
  • organised my diary and appointment schedule
  • checked my work emails
  • completed a yoga session
  • written on the other blog (which hasn't had a post for weeks and weeks)
  • trained Shelly to sit/ jump/ walk on a lead
  • brought the wheelie bins inside
  • had lunch
But more importantly, I have drafted several days worth of 'sentence a day' blog posts.  There is nothing wrong with my priorities.