Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A Great Whine

I like Puns.

I like blogging.  Actually, I love blogging.  Often, my love of blogging causes me to devote too much time to it - much to the detriment of my "homework".  Don't I sound grown up! 

This might seem quite contradictory, as you are expecting some whining.  Don't worry, it will come. You might be thinking that I often seem to go underground and my work couldn't possibly suffer at the mercy of my blogging schedule.  While that is probably true, I would often rather choose my love instead of my job.  Unfortunately, my job is not so much a love as it used to be (insert sad face here).

My school is a place of change.  A place where stability is spoken of highly, but not often experienced. A school should be a dynamic environment that quickly adapts to the circumstances and community within it.  I get that.  Sometimes, things move so much faster than I can handle.  My aversion to change aside, the speed with which our leaders make decisions and activate their plans often results in: errors of judgement, structural breakdown, communication breakdowns and at times, failed implementations.

Some might say that my mental and physical state slows and dulls my own thinking processes.  Some might say that I am the one who needs to adjust my pace.  Perhaps the seemingly breakneck speed at which my workplace operates is, in fact, the rate of normal.  But, I still worry.

My perception could be a bit whacked, but the facts don't change.  There are still decisions being made without appropriate consideration of all the factors and products involved.  There are still break downs in communication and great (as in, huge... not good) mistakes are made.  Even worse, the mistakes are not acknowledged, then future judgements don't take these errors and issues into account.

This might seem a bit more than cryptic to you, my dear readers.  I hope it doesn't stop you from continuing along the journey with me.  Let me try to explain.
I'm frustrated, angry, sad and disappointed.  I no longer have faith in the leadership of my workplace and this causes me to doubt if I have outlived my usefulness.  The fact that I struggle to keep up with the ever increasing speed of change not only causes me to question my superiors, it also makes me question myself.

I don't like politicians or decision makers right now.  It isn't personal.  Maybe it is.  But I urge you, dear readers, do not keep running to try and keep up.  Instead, work out what speed works for you and be prepared to watch the pack as they leave you behind.

Slow down!  Take your time!
Look at all the angles and consider all the options that are before you.  Don't be angry.  Don't be quick to judge or afraid to acknowledge the mistakes you have made.  It is far better learn from them.  Don't you agree?  Move forward slowly, especially if your decisions will have an impact on the quality of a service people depend on.  Move forward fairly and remember that the world is not always about you.
How difficult it is to accept that your world is not the only one.

I hope you are not as confused as I am right now.  Perhaps go look at something pretty to lift your mood now that you have seen what happens in my dusty cobwebbed mind if late.  Don't worry.  Mum is on a cleaning frenzy.. no doubt she will get around to vacuuming the inside of my head one day.

I've whined better before.  Perhaps next time.

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