Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A Great Story... about Cats

A cat lives at one of the houses on the main road.  She walks to the bus stop, near her house, so she can visit with the people waiting for the bus.  She lies beside the seat and watches the cars go by.  She knows when the bus is late.  She revels in the added minutes of company while waiting passengers sit mesmerized by her presence.   The fuzzy grey ball sighs, as the bus rolls to a stop.


This anecdote is based on a true story (sort of).  You see, there really is a cat in our local area that likes to spend his time at the nearby bus stop.  He or She (I couldn't get a proper look) enjoys the company of the locals as they await the arrival of their bus.  The passing traffic, although often quite loud, doesn't seem to disturb him/her in the slightest.  I know if Shelly were sitting at a bus stop she would be off like a shot the second a large vehicle zoomed past her position.  She would be difficult to find until dinner time too.  I'm sure you can understand my curiosity at the rather calm demeanor of the fluffy grey feline while I was waiting for my bus last week.  The most intriguing and perhaps the most amusing part of this series of events is yet to come. 

We all know that I like to add a picture or two to my blog posts.  Now is not the time to examine why I find it necessary to add images (usually borrowed from somewhere if not a photo of my furry friends). The usual method of choosing these images is quite simple: Google Image Search.  Nice! :D

The results of the search uncovered something that I simply had to share.  Not just the images that appeared (although some of them were certainly far from what I had expected to see), but a few news stories and blog posts.  It seems that the Old Grey Tom ain't the only one.  There are a couple of kitty's in the UKwho not only hang out at the bus stop, but like to hitch a ride as well. 

Check this out. 

 This kitty - nicknamed Macavity - apparently catches the bus to the local fish and chip shop.  Click here for details. 

This Ginger cat - nicknamed Dodger - has been reported to take round trips on various buses that leave from the bus station behind his owner's home.  Click here for more info. There is even a book that is rumored to have been based on Dodger's travels, titled The Little Cat and the Big Red Bus

Then there is Casper who rode the same bus everyday for 4 years.  Sadly, he died after a traffic accident, when he was hit by a car.  The hit and run driver was never found.  Casper has also had a picture book written about him and has his very own wikipedia page.  

You can't make this stuff up! 

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