Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A Great Word: Listicles

This is a great new word and while I might be a bit behind the times with it, I want to share it with you. When I read the definition I realised that I have been creating listicles for quite a while now and so have many other people.  You, my dear readers, have most likely read lots and lots of listicles without even knowing it.  You see, without even realising it, I was not only writing listicles, I was reading them often.  Are you sufficiently intrigued to learn what you have been reading (and perhaps even writing) all this time without even really knowing what it was called?  

This definition comes from and if you click here you can read another definition from Netlingo.  I hope you realise that we were alive for that wonderful moment in time that is rarely observed... the birth of a new word.  The best thing about the last 20 years is the ever increasing speed with which language has evolved.  The English language (and many others) is more dynamic now than ever before and we were alive to witness the change.  That is somewhat magical in my mind.  


 [lis-ti-kuhl]  Show IPA
an article structured in the form of a list, typically having some additional content relating to each item:“The Best Cities for Singles” and other featured listicles.
list1  + (art)icle

We will put aside the fact that Nan would say that if it wasn't in the dictionary when she went to school it isn't really a word, or that she doesn't "believe" in the internet.  I am thinking she chose her words incorrectly and her intent is not as it appears.  

I hope you have learned something today.  I also hope you will use the word listicle in a conversation soon and pop back to tell me about it in the comments.  


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