Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Wonders of Weather

Cold... the kind of cold that makes you tingle and you look around and wonder how the air became so frosty.  My toes are tingling and my feet are icy.  I woke up this morning with cold feet.  I am actually wearing a cardigan.  Can you believe it?

Hot... the kind of hot that makes you sweat in every place imaginable.  You wonder if, like the wicked witch of the west, you are really melting into a puddle on the floor.  I was walking to the shops yesterday and the ends of my hair were wet with sweat.  Incredible!

After what seemed like a very long summer the weather is beginning to cool down and I am overjoyed. I'm not one who enjoys the heat.  When Hank Green sang It's Too Hot I found a kindred spirit.  

Click to watch the video and listen to the song. You can buy this song on as well.  

It's Too Hot

By Hank Green

My eyes snap open, it's two o'clock
I rip off my shirt, my pants, my socks
Something's wrong but I don't know what

But then, I start to realize
There's sweat trickling down my thighs
And a fire between the mattress and my butt

It's too hot
It's too hot in here
I'm gonna fall out of my chair
If I have another ice cold beer

I forgot
How much it sucks to sweat in bed
I don't wanna drink your iced tea
I think I'll take a bath in it instead
It's too hot

Laying on the floor with my clothes off
Silk boxer shorts and a wash cloth
Are the only things I'll let touch my skin today

Spraying myself with an upside down air can
Makin' out with the window fan
Hoping the mailman doesn't look in today

It's too hot
It's too hot in this town
My will to live is melting
And that's what's got me down

It's too hot
And my state is on fire
I'm an endothermic organism
And that's why I perspire
When it's too hot

The United Nations
Says eleven thousand
People die of hotness each year

But the burning sun
It wants eleven thousand and one
But it's not gonna get me, you hear

Sweating in my basement all alone
Watching Hotness Prevails by thewinekone
Sympathizing with my favorite YouTube star

How could anyone be so deranged
And not believe in climate change
When it's 102 in Montana in the dark?

It's too hot
And I'm doing a funny dance
'Cause I went and got some ice cubes
And I put them in my pants

It's too hot
It's too hot in here
I'm probably gonna pass out
But please pass me my beer
It's too hot

That's that then! 

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