Friday, April 5, 2013

Book Review: Pizza Cake

I wouldn't be much of a literacy teacher if I hadn't heard of Morris Gleitzman.  I have heard of him, but I have to admit I had not read any of his books until today.  I haven't finished it yet, but I started reading Pizza Cake today and it is excellent.  The stories start with a sizzle right in the action.  The settings and situations are unusual and enough to spark the most limited of imaginations.  It seems the hype about this author is actually true! 

Pizza Cake (click to view on Booktopia) is a collection of 10 short stories, each with a different Aussie kid in the spotlight. Perhaps my occupation makes me biased, but the first story (about Ms Fosdyke and the teachers who are paid millions of dollars) is excellent.  The very concept of teachers belonging to the most respected and highly paid profession is intriguing, if not a little out there; but the ending (which I won't ruin) is quite sweet.  

If rich teachers don't get you excited you might prefer a story that will remind you of MacGyver (saving lives with a paper clip).  Perhaps jumping on Vampire beds or pizzas that make you fearless or big bananas or spiders and dogs will tickle your literary fancy.  This book has got the lot and more.    

If you like stories that are funny and give you something to think about, Pizza Cake is for you.  If you have a young friend who enjoys wacky stories, you are guaranteed to win points for sharing this good read.  If you have a reluctant reader in the house, you might just win them over with a slice of Pizza Cake. 

Happy Reading

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