Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Sad Day at AGT

I can't believe it is nearly a week since Christmas Day.  Where did it go? 

We have been up to quite a bit and I had another nephew over the other night.  We did some interesting craft and we worked on some Maths issues he has been having.  I think we will need quite a few more sessions before the issues are sorted out, but we got a start.  

You are probably wondering what the title is about.  Yesterday was a sad day here at AGT or should I say, it was a sad day at our house.  The very last piece of birthday cake was eaten yesterday.  That means no more resident birthday celebration for another year.  Then, we will both be turning 30 and I think there will be more commiserating rather than celebrating.  

I showed you quite a bit of the fun that happened on the BFF's birthday, but I'm not sure that you have seen all the great food that was made in honour of my birthday.  My virtual and my actual birthdays were wonderful.  Here are some pictures so you can what fun we had. 

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