Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Random Cuteness on Christmas Day

One of the wonderful things about Christmas is the little things the kids do.  I have to say that by the time we were having lunch I was well and truly over the kids.  However, we were all very tired by then which didn’t help.  But I digress. Kid One and I had a few nice moments and I have to share.

I received two books from my parents for Christmas yesterday. Naked Bunyip Dancing by Steven Herrick is a verse novel about a year 6 class.  It is a continuation of Love Poems and Leg Spinners (also by StevenHerrick.).  I asked Mum for Naked Bunyip Dancing and informed her that it really wasn’t what it sounded like.  I also got Little Elephants; the latest Graeme Base picture book and #1 had to have a look. 

When I showed him my books, #1 asked me questions about the authors and what the books were about.  He saw the verse novel and read the title out loud.  Naked Bunyip Dancing, he read, “hee he he hee” he giggled.  “Naked,” I repeated and we both chuckled together.  I’m sure if any of the relatives were watching or listening to us they wouldn’t have got the joke!

Don’t deny it people.  Naked is a funny word!

I hope you had a silly moment with a kid this Christmas, it really isn’t the same without one.

AAAHHH Boxing Day, I have to get back to my online sale shopping!  

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