Thursday, October 25, 2012

Thank a Teacher

World Teachers’ Day 2012

Tomorrow is World Teachers’ Day so my thank you is for my colleagues and the teachers who (this is really soppy) “inspired” me to take up my chalk and teach.  But today I am going to tell you about apples.  I have mentioned the tradition of “the apple for the teacher” before.  But you need to read this. 

Last week, I was having one of THOSE days.  It was only period one and I had already dealt with projectile hats (hitting me in the back) and stress balls and slinkies.  The electronic roll marking system was down.  During the spelling test two of my boys were chatting and when I reminded them that in LNP we “use our manners” and “do tests” and “do our best” and they needed to stop talking.  One of them looked at me all innocence and said “is this a test?”
So, the test was over and I was battling through the lesson plan and pointing to the next task on the board when one of the boys (we will call him the Nice J) walked to the front of the room and hugged me.  Yes, he hugged me.  I was standing at the front of the room talking to the class and all of a sudden this 13 year old boy had his arms around me.  I didn’t hug back.  I did, however, say, thanks “nice J” can you return to your seat please.  “I’m sorry, Miss,” he said as he returned to his seat. 

Now, I need to explain something.  If you are not a teacher, you might not know this already.  

When teachers look upon their year 8 class for the first time they know that behind those cute little puppy eyes there are teeth sharper than the great white in jaws. 

Okay, we can move on now. 

The class continued as it had begun and I continued to duck projectiles and count up detentions.  I’m a good teacher, really I am.  For the last 10 minutes of my year 8 lessons I read aloud to the class.  Our current text is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  I was reading to them as usual and most of them were settled and listening intently.  MOST OF THEM! When I couldn’t compete with the noise, I stopped and used my best evil eye.  (Did I mention that I really am a good teacher?).  I would then return to reading.  I was describing the physical appearance of a Golden Ticket Winner when Nice J walked slowly to the front of the room, placed a granny smith apple on my desk in front of me, and walked calmly back to his seat. I finished reading and stood at the door to farewell the “little gems” as they left.  I whispered a thank you to the nice J as he passed. 

I hope you take the opportunity this week to thank the people who have taught you something.  Teachers give to their students every day and while we don’t always show it, we really appreciate it when someone notices. 

Happy Teachers’ Day!

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