Friday, October 26, 2012

Favourite Blog for Aussie Poetry

I am fairly sure that my regular followers know how much I love poetry.  Let's not forget Poetry Month. So, you will not be at all surprised at the idea that the "Aussie Poem A Day" blog has made it to my favourites list.  

A very clever person has started a Word Press blog in celebration of the National Year of Reading 2012.  Each day, followers are treated with a poem by an Aussie Author.  Poems are tagged by Author and are organised by theme.  I only just discovered An Aussie Poem A Day this week when I was researching (okay, I was googling) authors for upcoming blog posts.  That's right, I'm forward planning.  So I am still EXPLORING the site myself.  

Stand alone resource pages are also attached with links to Poetry on Screen and Poetry in Action.  Don't forget that poetry is meant to be read and really, to be performed.  Make sure you check out the performance poets on YouTube as well.  


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