Monday, October 8, 2012

National Year of Reading 2012 Themes

I have been promising National Year of Reading Content for about 10 months now.  Finally, I'm going to share with you the monthly themes that were laid out by the NYR organisers to steer activities and social network conversations.  Special supporter book clubs, twitter feeds and facebook comments have been focusing on the monthly themes.  I, on the other hand, have been writing fast and loose when it comes to themes and just been doing my own thing.  I'm such a rebel, hey!?

January was THE AMAZING READ: I think the idea was to get us readers to open up, so to speak, about the "book" that totally amazed us.  I don't really know.  I should probably find out before I try to write more about that.

February was LAUGH: This one I get!  Humour makes everything a little more bearable.  So what do you read when you want to laugh? What makes you laugh?  What is the funniest book you have read?  Why do we head for the comedy?  I could talk about this one for ages!

I'm thinking.....
these glasses don't work very well.  
March was THINK: ouch.  Thinking makes my brain hurt, but apparently if there is no pain there is no gain.  Reading is Thinking.  If you didn't know that, you didn't know what the real experience of reading can be.  What do we read that makes us think?  How does reading impact on your thinking? Reading is Thinking.

April was FEEL: I get this one too!  Reading can provoke any number of feelings and I think the organisers wanted us to share what we feel when we read and why and how.   That's April in an Easter Egg.  LOL I’m so funny!

May was ESCAPE: which I think I may have accidentally written about before.  We all know that reading is escaping from the real world and I don't think I need to say much else about that.

June was DREAM: and I have to say I am not sure what to say about that.  I will say that I often dream of curling up on the couch with a good book.  I also dream of my castle that I will have custom built when I am rich and famous and it will have a library spanning at least two levels *sigh* :D

July was DISCOVER: and you have to do that for yourself.  If I told you what that was about you wouldn’t be discovering it, would you?! No, you would be taking the discovery of another and claiming it as your own and that is not true discovery.

August was the month to QUESTION.  We often read to find the answer to our questions.  But does reading ever cause you to Ask Questions?

September was only a few days ago and apparently was the month to GROW.  Reading grows your brain cells.  True Story I read it on the internet.

October is this month and the theme is EXPLORE.  I will tell you more about this one later. 

November will be dedicated to CRY and we can all look forward to that one.

December will have the theme “LOVE2READ” and I think I have already covered that one too. 

Everyone knows how awesome I am and we are going to do an entire year of “reading celebrations” in a little more than two months.  Get on board people We are going to catch up on the old themes, jump into the current one and head towards the future. 

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