Friday, October 5, 2012

Favourite Blog for Pictures

This week I have been busy.  But, I have been staying on top of the blogging schedule so I'm very proud of myself! 

I paid particular attention to my blogroll this week to decide which "other" (that is, not teacher specific) blog is my favourite.  I realised that most of the blogs I follow are written by teachers.  There are a very small number of others.  Today, I will tell you about one of the first blogs to be added to my blog roll and one that still draws my interest. 


It doesn’t need much more explanation than that.  PJM, the author, posts a picture a day with a short explanation.  Most of the pictures are black and white.  Each week is usually themed (e.g. Mystery Job Week, Cotton week) where all the photos are linked by the theme.  Some of my favourites are the Mystery photo days.  PJM posts a picture with limited details and opens the comments section for readers/ followers to guess a specific detail.  This all started with a Mystery Person Contest and the reader response led PJM to develop the idea to Mystery Jobs, Locations, Shop Sales, Tools and more. 

Telephone Operators: Photo from OPOD 

It is an interesting tidbit of history for those who like to read about the past.  The comments section can also provide some entertainment from regular followers who enjoy a bit of banter from time to time. 

Being a Teacher… I have used photos from this blog for some inspiration in the classroom.  A few great writing prompts have been born from the photos at OPOD and the Mystery Competitions have flowed into the classroom when the topic has been relevant. 

Happy Friday Everyone!

Back to school on Monday… sad L

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