Thursday, October 4, 2012

New Friends

As a teacher, I am lucky enough to work with some amazing people.  I am also lucky enough to have a regular break from them. LOL

I’m a bit sad because I had some sad news a few weeks ago.  You might be wondering why this sad news is only just registering now.  Do you have any idea what has been going on in my head lately?!?

Sad News: My relatively new teaching partner and Staffroom buddy (there is only two of us) has been transferred to a school up the road.  She is still within the district but she certainly won’t be sharing a staffroom with me anymore. :(

I’m sad, for a number of reasons, but mostly because KJ has become one of my very good friends and it is very cool to work with a very good friend but not so cool when they leave.  So, considering it is Thursday and I am focusing on positives, I decided to write about why KJ is my very good friend and tell her why she is so awesome. :D

Firstly, KJ is a MUM and when I need it, she is great at taking care of me.  Not to mention the fact that she tells me all about her gorgeous kids and understands why I adore my nephews and nieces.  Her “mummyness” allows her to know what I need and tell me what I need to hear even when I don’t want to hear it. 

Secondly, KJ is a great listener.  She listens to my whinging and helps me think through stuff.  She asks me great questions about what I teach and how I teach and why I do things and she listens while I try to get it out of my brain and share. 

Have I mentioned how patient this chick is? KJ is like on par with the BFF when it comes to patience.  KJ is also my cheerleader sometimes.  I don’t mean she bounces about the place in a pleated skirt with pom poms but she is a great encourager.  We have learned a lot from each other this year.  I am calmer and generally tidier.  She is more technological and relaxed. 

When a new “buddy” comes along, it doesn’t matter how positive you are about the opportunity; there is always a doubt at the back of your mind.  There is always a concern that things might not work so well.  But, we hit it off right from the start and never looked back 
KJ My teaching partner! 

Today, I’m sad that she is going to leave me! BUT, I’m thankful that I have a new friend.  I’m glad that I have had an opportunity to learn from her and that she has taken care of the year 8 students in my program.  I know they are ready for year 9 because she has held their hands. 
KJ is an awesome chick and I hope she moves on to greater things and stays in touch with her new awesome friend (me). 
That’s that then. 

I wonder what other teachers would say about their teaching team buddies? 


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