Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Are you textist?

The National Year of Reading 2012 is encouraging "exploration" in reading this month.  I was exploring the NYR12 Love2Read wiki and was quite intrigued by an article titled "What is Reading?" It was quite good.  The best thing about it was this line...

"All reading is reading no matter the format.  Don’t be textist about format, or length of work, or context of reading."

This week, the word is TEXTIST.

In this context TEXTIST refers to the attitude that reading is not reading if it doesn’t apply to a book or a “real” text.

Urban Dictionary claims that TEXTIST is the word used to describe a person who dislikes a font colour. 

TEXTIST refers to the way people think reading text messages or facebook walls or magazines or catalogues isn’t real reading.  But it is real reading.  If you are using reading strategies you are reading. Texts come in many shapes and sizes and we shouldn’t discriminate.  Got it?!

Don't be Textist!  Read something, anything and relax.

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