Thursday, October 11, 2012

Surprises and Small Mercies

So this morning I was sitting in the staff briefing wondering why on earth I was not in bed and the principal was rattling off a list of upcoming dates and events.  There was the staff meeting and the football competition and the year level assemblies and contract teachers staffing meeting.  Then she mentioned the Professional Development Sessions that start next week and I froze. 

Surprise probably isn't the right word for it, because I already knew that I was leading the workshop on Literacy and Numeracy this term.  I thought I had a bit more time to think about it.  Alas, I have little more than a week.  AAAHHHH!!! 

This means that I have to find time to meet with the Numeracy Coach and Deputy Principal.  Do you have any idea how hard it is to get three people with clashing timetables into the same room at the same time?? We have to plan a two and a half hour professional development course... scary! 

Now I have had a little rant and got that out of my system let’s talk about what I am thankful for today.   I am thankful for the ladies in the office at my school.  I am thankful for supportive colleagues and team teachers.  I am thankful for the school librarians who are always happy to help.  I am thankful for the BFF and her random giggling at nothing (well, maybe not nothing; maybe a text on her phone).  I am thankful for students who are actually responsive to the activities in my class.  I am thankful for my Dad.  I am thankful for Nanny’s stew!  I am thankful for Mum and her driving.  I am thankful for clean sheets, folded clothes and teddy bears. 
I am more than thankful for ice packs!

Funny Story: I wrote the date on the board Monday period 3… the wrong date (Sunday’s date).  Despite  the fact they would have written the correct date twice already, the kids copied it down and did not notice my mistake or correct me.  HHHMMM Is this funny or sad?  I’m not quite sure. 

Friday tomorrow!!! Woohoo!! 

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