Tuesday, August 14, 2012

ten things I learned about...

Welcome to my new Tuesday column: 10 things I learned about... This week I am going to share a few random things.  Before I start my list I want to explain why I have decided to start a series of regular posts on this topic.  Life Long Learning is one of those "buzz" phrases that has been bandied about education circles in the last two decades or so.  Life Long Learning has been a focus of educators, or should I say, education policy/ curriculum writers, for a long time.  Educators are not just responsible for the day to day learning of their students while they are in the classroom, but they are charged with a greater goal.  The goal to make their kids passionate about education and self-directed, motivated learners.  Teachers are asked to not only teach their students to read and write, but, they are expected to teach children the skills required to learn independently well after they walk out the school gates.  

Sorry, I seem to have launched into a rant.  Rant over.  

I consider myself a Life Long Learner and while I seem skeptical, I believe it is important to continue learning.  We learn something new everyday.  We learn best when we reflect upon our experiences and actually record the new knowledge or skill we have learned that day.  So, that is the reason I have begun 10 things Tuesday.  Basically it is a learning journal.  

Every Tuesday I will list 10 things I have learned in the previous week. I will try to keep it under one topic each week, like teaching, children, Christianity, life, reading, music etc..  Sometimes it will just be random and fit into "this week" whereas other times it will spread over a long period of time but fit into one category. Okay, do we all understand where we are going?  Too bad, we are going there anyway.  Try to relax, you will enjoy the ride far more. 

Ten Things I learned about... 

(in no particular order)

1. Blogging has rules.  Rules are meant to be broken 
2. Hair grows back (click here to fully understand why this is funny)
3.Pinterest is addictive although far more educational than Facebook
4. You can hyperlink almost anything.
5.  Being aware of how you learn is powerful.
6. Understanding that everyone thinks differently and has their very own filter of experience and knowledge through which they see the world, is more powerful.
7. Patience is a virtue which cannot be simply granted like a wish.  Patience must be learned and enhanced through experience. 
8. Experience is a funny word if you use it often enough.
9. Every word is funny if you use it often enough.
10. Laughter really is the best medicine and it is free! 

What have you learned this week?

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