Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Label Maker is Back in Action!

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My office is organised.  Funny Story: I was chatting to my new Boss about text types and ensuring all teachers in the school are teaching the same test type and the same language.  I reached back to pull a folder of my shelf (the red one with the school text type guide) so I could show it to her.  It wasn't there.  My folders don't go on top of the shelves now.  The folders belong in the cupboard.  I put them there, you would think I would know where I put them.  

Although, if we follow that logic, then I would know where my prescriptions are!!! 

Welcome to Wednesday. 
For the first time in "like forever" I am going to share something about words, because it is Wednesday. 

I saw this on Pinterest and laughed out loud.  


At school lately, we have been having a few conversations about "teaching spelling" and the importance of being realistic with our expectations.  Some are focused on test results and the concern that students who can't spell are not going to do well on their standardised test (because of course that is the only thing that is tested).  Others start by saying that they are really concerned about the students' writing and say that it is so difficult to read and end with a diatribe about shocking spelling errors.  Then we start talking about teacher literacy skills and people start talking about spelling "errors" which, let's face it, are probably typos.  

My point: when a child struggles to spell and they have been learning spelling words by rote and getting 10 out of 10 every week on their spelling tests.... something is not right.  When a child at the age of thirteen can not spell basic or "easy" words, telling them to "look it up" is probably not going to help.  If a child reaches high school and doesn't have a clear understanding of letter sound relationships they will need to fix far more than their "spelling" to become a functionally literate person in society.  

Yeah, this silly picture is funny.  So enjoy the LOL and move on. I just want to say, as a teacher of literacy:

 The irony, while hilarious, is beginning to irritate me.  

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