Monday, August 13, 2012

Promised book chat for NYR

Considering it is the National Year of Reading Down Under, I have been promising a regular book/ reading chat here at AGT.  Unfortunately, I have not been very "regular" in my reading conversations.  I will attempt to remedy that today through to the end of the year. 

We all know that I LOVE books.  Some people might say that I HEART books.  Some people might say that I LIKE books.  But the truth of the matter is, that I LOVE books.  There is nothing better than a book and infinite time to enjoy it.  Books are so wonderful that they have often been the catalyst for my solitude.  I would much prefer the company of a good book than the company of most people.  I would much rather snuggle up with a book in bed than go to a silly (and probably very loud) movie.  I have on a number of occasions, "missed my stop" because I was reading a book while riding on a bus or train.  Books are a huge part of my life.  In my humble opinion, the long and lovely relationship I have with books and reading, qualifies me to be the "expert" in this situation.  

I used to be a member of a SAGALA group.  SAGALA stands for Salvation Army Guard and Legion Activities and is basically a children and youth program run by the Salvos.  It is similar to scouts, guides, girls' brigade, boys' brigade etc etc in that children are grouped by age and meet once a week to participate in a range of activities.  Their participation teaches them skills and knowledge which they are "tested" on and they receive badges and awards.  What was the point in me telling you this?  Oh, that's right.  I once had to do a badge called "book lover" which I'm sure I don't have to explain.  My sister was helping me to check the requirements of the badge to see what I had done and what I needed to finish to earn the badge.  She told me to go and get all the books that I had read (cover to cover) in the last year.  I went to my room and the communal book shelves downstairs and I came back loaded with at least 50 books.  I dumped them on the couch beside her.  She looked at me in disbelief and asked, "you read all these books cover to cover?". I smiled, "Yep."  

My current job title of "Literacy Coach" involves a great deal of reading.  I love to read.  I have the privilege of recommending books for our school library to purchase.  I read to my students (this is rare in secondary school settings).  I talk to kids about books.  I make displays for the school library.  I read books that others have recommended.  I read books about reading books.  I teach kids how to read.  I help kids who can read a little bit, but struggle to understand what they are reading.  I help kids find books that they like to read.  I help teachers help their students.  I love my job.  I especially love the reading part of my job.  

I love books.  I love reading.  I love teaching other people how to read.  I love sharing books with others.  I love reading with others.  I love books.  

So, Monday's from now on, will be National Year of Reading Day.  You can look forward to news about NYR events throughout Australia.  I will tell you about some of my favourite books and authors.  I will tell you what is happening around my school in relation to NYR.  I will tell you about the joy of reading.  You will read about some truly great titles and find links to other blogs/ websites that revel in reading too.  

We have a date.  See you next Monday :)

PS. I will still post on other days and themes will vary as always.  But Mondays will be reserved for NYR.  

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