Sunday, July 22, 2012

We Won... almost.

I informed you that the BFF and I were going to a Trivia Night last night.  Mum came too.  My sister, her eldest child and youngest child came too.  Nudge (another good friend of mine) and another friend of Mum's made the rest of the team.  We had lots of fun and as I said last night, we dressed up as Smurfs. We won the prize for best dressed team so I would say we did well. 

We didn't even break the top ten on the scoreboard for the General Knowledge questions.  I maintain that they were stupid questions.  Actually, not all of them were stupid.  The questions that I couldn't answer were the stupid questions.  Of course, I jest.  

There was a lot of fun and we raised quite a tidy sum of money to fund the Kitchen Upgrade at the church.  Not my church, a neighbouring church.  They cater many events and they need a much better kitchen.  So, it was all for a good cause.  

It was quite interesting to me how many people attended.  The concept of a Trivia Night is basically a multi-player board game.  We had sheets of paper and pens.  Of course, we made our own fun and a bit of healthy competition doesn't hurt anyone.  However, I was truly baffled by the enthusiasm and gigantic response to such a simple activity.  There were not just old people there either, I might add.  My nephew who is 12 yo loves Trivia Nights and there were two-three "youth" tables.  Many other teams had a mixture of demographics in an attempt to cover all "trivia" bases.  So, you never really know sometimes.  Even the simplest things can amuse even the most complex of minds.  

That's that then. 

:) M

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