Saturday, July 21, 2012

Avatar creation

I have been kicking around the idea of making an "avatar" for AGT and really, for me.  So, One and I had a bit of a play on a couple of sites one weekend when he was over, but today I visited squidoo and found a few very exciting websites that were lots of fun to play with.

The first and rather excellent website is called and is an avatar building site that gives you options of "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" type cartoon features.  Male and Female avatars are possible.  You can save your Avatar both on the site and on your computer.  This means it is displayed "anonymously" on the website and you can use the picture just like any other picture on your computer.  Very cool! Here is my "wimped out" self.  

Wimpy Teacher Chick

One (eldest nephew) shares a love of DWK so I had to create a Wimpy Version of him too.  

Then I visited which is a very simple LEGO avatar creator.  I was having so much fun playing with this one, that I now have a several LEGO characters to match each mood.  Check these ones out.
Teacher Me... although, this shirt would probably make my kids dizzy. 
My tribute to Dr Seuss.  I think if I had the opportunity, I would  definitely wear one of these hats. 

Drummer me.  I think it could also be teacher me... if you imagine that the drum sticks are  pencils.
You can tell that I like that red top! 
Tonight, we are going to a Trivia Night.  I will let you know if we win!  The BFF is going as Smurfette and I'm going as Brainy Smurf.  My sister is going as Vanity!  One (the nephew) is going as Papa Smurf.  Very funny.  So, in honour of all that, I made the next LEGO avatar for the BFF.

I know that Smurfette is supposed to have blonde hair but the BFF is a brunette, so you will just have to deal with that I'm afraid.  

So, that describes the weekend I think.  

I am still transferring files and weblinks from the school laptop to my new one... so there are lots of things happening that will be shared eventually!


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