Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Tip to be Thankful

Considering it is Thursday, I had better get some thanking happening.  This week I want to share a few things I learned about being thankful.

  1. When despair is overwhelming, while it might be difficult, finding even the smallest source of joy uplifts your spirit. It also reminds me that God is bigger than even the most overwhelming despair.
  2. I am often disappointed by the actions/ failures of other people.  Remembering that they are human doesn't even help.  When I feel the disappointment grow in regard to a specific friend or family member, I thank God for every time I have disappointed them and they have forgiven me.  I thank God for His forgiveness.  I thank God for the particular person and that they are in my life. 
  3. The small things that we often take for granted (food in our fridge, water in our taps, electricity, a place to call home) should be the first thing we appreciate.  
  4. Being grateful for God's provision of the "small stuff" helps us to see that the big stuff is in His hands. 
  5. Saying Thank you to other people goes a long way towards making friends.  It also helps others to see their own value and spread some of the love.  
These points may be "old news" to you.  You might be skimming over it and saying "der".  Some people, including me, take a little longer to learn these things.  So, forgive me and forgive those who are even slower than I am.  

So, here are some things that I am grateful for:   
  • God is so patient with me.  He continues to teach me.  Everyday He is with me. 
  • My parents talk to me like a grown up.  
  • My bestie is an angle. 
  • I have a job that I love, that is challenging and rewarding and exhausting and fun and real all at once 
  • God is always with me.  He gives me the right words to say.  He tells me when to speak and when to listen.  Sometimes I don't listen to Him... but that's my fault.  
  • Children in my life.  Children teach me too.  Children are so curious, happy, creative and playful.      They see things that grown ups can't and we need to look through their eyes.  

God loves me and God loves you.  
:) M

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