Friday, July 27, 2012


 I have been having great fun playing around with various avatar builders online this week.  We all like stuff that's free and I have decided that while it is good fun to make these cute little characters, I spend time doing it and I don't need to spend money as well.  So, I have stuck to the free ones out there.  Since I shared some of my other creations I have found a Manga Avatar creator and made quite a few new little cartoon friends.  May I introduce my new friends....
A bit of a crazy lady... I haven't named her yet.
A manga representation of the BFF... who I like to call my angel.
She is the sweetest girl in the world.

Blue and pink hair!  No wonder she is so surprised!
I think we should call her "rainbow" 

This one looks a lot like Number One:
My eldest nephew.  

I didn't realise how much blue and pink I had used.  It must be a subconscious thing.  I have created some others but I intend to unveil them in other blog posts so you will just have to wait and see.  I like to visit these things and sort of "follow my nose" as I play around a bit.  If you don't like that idea, here are some instructions for you. 

    Go to: and scroll down the page until you see this: 

    Choose a background colour, by clicking on the coloured rectangles.  You can also click on the skin colour rectangles.

    Look at the top line of buttons and choose a feature (hair, pony tail, eyes etc)

    Each feature then has a menu of options  like the one above and you can select by simply clicking. 
    If you add a feature that you don't like, simply click on the X button at the top of the menu and it disappears.  Some menus have small yellow triangles at the bottom which leads you to an extra page of options for that feature (there are several pages of hair).  

    At every  menu you can choose the colour of the accessory or facial feature.  

    To save your avatar creation you need "screen shot" or "print screen" and paste into a paint program.  In the paint program you can crop (and resize or edit as you wish) and then save it as any other picture on your computer.  

    I really enjoyed using this application and once I started playing, I got quite good at it.  I think my students would be even more proficient in even less time.  Given the opportunity, they could create some fairly cool characters in my mind.  

    There are several applications for this in the classroom and I'm sure if you are a teacher your mind is about to explode with them all.  Feel free to share in the comments.  I wonder if there is a "Harry Potter" version? 


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