Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The PJ Day

My TA and I have bonded over our shared belief in the PJ Day.  We both ascribe to the theory that every school holidays must include a PJ Day.  Some people travel on their holidays, some people spend every day at the gym or visiting museums or going to movies or shopping.  But none of these things equal the PJ Day.  The PJ Day is one day on the holidays when you don't get dressed.  You don't do anything truly purposeful.  It is a day of pure gluttony.  It has to start with a sleep in, include junkfood of some sort and involve laid back couch potato kind of fun.  My TA has three daughters and she enforces the PJ day with all the girls on holidays.  Everyone in the house (except for Dad, because the poor guy has to go to work), stays in their pjs they have pancakes for breakfast and watch dvd's while eating popcorn.  I love this theory and I have always practiced it.  So, how did I spend my PJ day this holidays?
I stayed in PJs all day (der) and breakfast was left overs.  The morning was spent watching dvd's and playing a very silly game on my phone.  Lunch was more left overs (or was it Pizza? I don't remember).  The afternoon was spent in bed, reading Mary Poppins.  I will tell you more about Mary Poppins another day.  Then I did some washing and made mac and cheese for dinner.  I watched some more silly TV until the BFF came home.  Then I listened to her stories about a holiday camp that she visited that day and we both had a good old giggle.

Three days later and there is a bit of a problem.  Today it is raining.  I am still in my pj's and I have to say that after telling you all about the PJ day philosophy, I am thinking that today would be a perfect follow up to my first day of holidays.  PJ Day take two.... hhhmmm.... it has a nice ring to it.  Then again, I do have three classes of assignments to mark and two classes of books and folders to sort.  I have 30 report cards to complete.  There is a mountain of clean washing that needs to be sorted and folded and put away.  There are dishes in the sink.  Six is coming over tomorrow and I have LOTS to do to be organised so that I can give him my undivided attention.  So, while the pj's and the couch are calling, I think I will have to settle for the trackies.
I wonder how many PJ people are out there?  If you like to have PJ days, when do you have them?  How do you spend them?  What do you eat?  If it is not a PJ day, what is the ritual you enjoy every "school" holidays?

More Later. 
:) M

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The Reading Buddies said...

I am a FIRM believer in PJ Day as is my co-teacher. I usually take at least two, depending on how long the break is. Sleep in-CHECK! Munch pretzels, chips, and tostitos-CHECK! Movies I have seen a 100 times-CHECK!

The dogs even seem to understand that it is a PJ Day as they usually lounge with me.

Everyone should declare a PJ Day!
-Damien of The Reading Buddies