Thursday, June 28, 2012

Five Year Olds are Creative little Critters.

What is that? Where are you going? Why? What is it for? Where can I put this? What are you doing with that? Are you making something? Did you make that? Can I make one of those? Can you show me how to do that? What are we having for dinner? Who is that? Does she live here? Are you going to help me?  Why? Where is it? .....

These and many more questions have been the continuous soundtrack of my last 24 hours.  Six... my five year old nephew came for a sleepover.  He asks lots of questions.  He is very inquizitive.  He also has a fabulous imagination.  We did all sorts of craft and then had a great time playing with our creations.  There are photos below. Six would say, "can we make a..?" and I would say, "I'm not sure, let's see what we can do with this."

My creative side is quite tired.  So is my back.  I hope you enjoy looking at the photos and if you have kids in your life, I hope you find some inspiration too. 
:) M

"Can we make a Pteradactyl face?"
You thought is was a bird didn't you?!  No.  It is a Pteradactyl.  We are going through our "Dinosaurs are awesome" phase.

We used:
  • Pepsi slab card insert
  • two pie cups (silver foil for making puddings etc.  I bought a pack of 50 for $3 and they are great for lots of craft projects)
  • googly eyes
  • Red coloured card (for the tongue)
  • another cardboard insert (one I had saved from somewhere), I cut this into right angled triangles and taped them to make the bent beak shape
  • acrylic paint (I really need to buy some watercolours) watered down 
  • Masking tape and glue tape.

Paper cranes... Six calls them swans... in a nest with Mum and Dad sitting on the outside.  Six made one of the big ones, I made the other one and the small ones.  He made the nest.
 For the Cranes We used:
  • instructions that the BFF printed from the internet (thanks Bestie)
  • origami paper, precut into squares with several colours in a pack (small cranes)
  • two sheets of scrapbooking paper (big cranes) from a mixed pattern block.
For the Nest we talked about the things that a nest would look like in the wild and used our imaginations to make a nest of twigs, feathers, leaves and mud:
  • a plastic bowl (I keep a stock of these in the craft box for painting etc).
  • tissues (torn up)
  • straws (cut into small lengths)
  • coloured string.
  • more foil cups
  • string that we painted blue
  • yellow ribbon with a small amount of blue paint on the bottom
  • googly eyes
  • blu-tac (we ran out of glue) and masking tape.

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