Friday, July 6, 2012

Blocks, Blocks, Blocks

After my rather exhausting sleepover with Six, I decided it was time to invest in some blocks.  I went shopping with one of my colleagues last week and we ended up at Target.  We love Target.  They were having their annual toy SALE.  I happened to walk past the toy aisle and found a bag of 200 Mega Blocks that were 40% off.  Needless to say when Two (who turned 8 a few months ago) came over on the weekend, we had blocks to play with.  Unfortunately I was having too much fun during the construction of our magical castle to take progress photos.  But I'm sure you can imagine the conversation we had as we decided to add on a barbeque and courtyard inside the castle walls. 

Two did such a great job that I have contracted him to construct the castle that I will build when I am rich.  There will be rooms for Mum and Dad and all the kids to come and visit.  Grandma and Grandpa can come too.  We will need lots of bathrooms.  I must have a library and we need a gymnasium so that the kids can play handball with the BFF.  I suppose we will need a room for the BFF too.  There will be a media centre, movie theatre, games room (for the Xbox etc), a living area with board games and card games and comfy chairs.  We will have to include a sewing room for Grandma and a music room for Grandpa. An art studio for me and the kids would be great as well.  We can dream. 

Oh, I should mention that building a castle wasn't enough.  We had to build a castle with every single block in the bag.  There was one piece that is not actually attached, but it is parked in the driveway. 

See the pictures of our finished castle below. 

:) M


BFF said...

You don't need a room for the bff, just a bridge of some sort from her castle to yours, ooooh maybe like the glass elevator in charlie and the chocolate factory!

M said...

YEAH! that would be soo cool. I suppose, by the time I am rich, the BFF will be rich too. So it makes perfect sense that we have a glass elevator that joins our castles together. And in between our neighbouring castles we would have a Chocolate Factory that is maintained by orange faced, green haired, overalled, slipper wearing short guys who sing silly songs. That is totally the dream!