Saturday, April 14, 2012

Nothing on TV

The silence is driving me nutty! 

There is plenty on TV, but nothing that piques my interest.  It is Friday night and here I sit, cross-legged on the lounge, in a quandry about how to wittle away the remaining hours of my last official day of holidays.  I took this as a golden opportunity to "get something done" and maybe even cross an item or two off the dreaded "to do" list.  But then I got online...
"I will just check Twitter.  It will only take a minute.  While I'm checking Twitter, I will just open up Pinterest. I won't go to the main page.  I will just check the pinners I follow, that way it shouldn't take long.  Of course, I have to check my email.  Something important might have come in during the last few hours.  You know, since Mum has turned off her computer, my sister has been feeding and bathing children and my Dad has been watching Star Trek.  Something important might have happened.  I mean, the BFF is in the next room, but she might have sent me an urgent email.  Okay, I will pop over to my Blogger Dashboard, because I am actually in the mood for some blogging and if I can actually manage to organise my thoughts this would be a good opportunity.  Just flick back to the Twitter tab... you know how fast Twitter moves.  The three new tweets might have been directed at me; probably not, but maybe.  Okay, back to the dashboard, Oh, ten more page views, I will just check the other statistics.  That's weird they are still going to that post about Diamantes.  Was it really that inspiring?  Hhhhmmm, now which blog idea will I commit to tonight? I should include a pic.  Readers like photos and then they might "pin it" where will I get a pic from? I could search my photos folder.  What about Pinterest?  That tab is still up, I will just hit refresh.  Oh look, another Tweet." 

So it is 8:20pm and after 40 minutes of tv free silence.  I have just come to the first (catch up) blog post.  The multiple tab option was made for multi-taskers.  It is such a shame that I am not a multi-tasker.  I don't have many things happening at once so much as I jump from one task to the other bouncing off the walls of my skull and my internet browser all at the same time. 

I told you that reading my blog would be a step (or two) inside the mind of a "creative genius" and today I have delivered.  Tours are a rare delight.  You should feel special. ;)

I hope your Friday night was a little more focussed than mine.  Or at the very least, you found something to watch on TV. 


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