Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy Birthday Mr Grimm

On this day in 1785, Jacob Grimm (of the brothers Grimm) was born.  Jacob and his brother are famous for the recording of the Grimms' Fairytale Collection.  I have written a fairytale parody in honour of Mr Grimm's birthday. I hope you enjoy it. 
:) M

Once upon a time in a land light years away, there lived a beautiful young woman who loved to paint her nails, braid her hair and go shopping, all before breakfast.  After breakfast, she liked to read and draw pictures of imaginary places and go on picnics with mythical creatures.  But, the poor girl had no name! 

You see, in the land of light years away, girls did not have a name until they were married.  So, even though the nameless girl had all these wonderful hobbies to keep her busy and millions of dollars, she was very sad. 

A little way down the road, lived an older man called Mr Millions.  But, even though he had such a great name, he was sad, because he was actually very very poor. He had no money. 

One day the nameless girl and Mr Millions met in the meadow as they were both on their way to have a picnic with the mythical creatures.  It was quite an interesting afternoon as they spent hours eating jam sandwiches and playing eye spy with the local blue jays.  When it was time to say goodbye, the nameless girl started to cry. 

"Why are you crying?" asked Mr Millions. "Oh," she sobbed, "I have had such a lovely time with you today and I am soo rich.  But, there is no posssible way for you to write me a letter or contact me because I have no name."

"Oh, my dear," replied Mr Millions as he hugged her tight.  "I have had a lovely day too.  I would love to take you home with me so that we would never be apart ever again.  But, I have no money and can not possibly support you." 

The two parted ways and decided that they would meet in the meadow everyday for a picnic with the mythical creatures.  One day, they would be able to solve the problem, but until then, they could have lunch together. 

This continued for months and months.  Until, Mr Million's sister noticed that he was never home at lunchtime, so she followed him.  She watched Mr Millions and the nameless girl eat together and immediately saw that they were in love.  She came out of her hiding place and hugged her brother. "Congratulations my darling brother!  Why have you not brought this darling girl home to meet the family?"  she asked. 

Mr Millions explained the situation to his sister and she shook her head.  "You silly man," she replied.  "You don't need any money.  This sweet girl has plenty of money for you both.  You have the perfect name for her.  A marriage between you would be made in heaven."

So, Mr Millions, married the nameless girl and they moved into her castle up the road.  Before long, Mr and Mrs Millions had a big party and Mr Million's sister married the Prince of Pluto.  Mrs Millions and the newly crowned Princess became the best of friends.  So, Mr and Mrs Millions and the Prince and Princess moved to Saturn.  They built a brand new castle and lived happily ever after. 

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