Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Endeavours

I am taking my writing prompt for today's post from Yearn to Learn.  This is a great blog that I follow.  I have been meaning to join in a linky party for a while now, but I either haven't had the time to write specifics and collect images or I have had other blogging priorities.  But, today is the day.  Yearn to Learn is hosting a linky (am I calling it the right thing) to spotlight new endeavours for the new year.  The idea is, that we write about a new endeavour we are beginning and share with others in the blogosphere. 

My new endeavour is hard to name.  I am getting out there more.  I have had my blog for over a year and, at times, been discouraged about the lack of audience.  I have far fewer viewers than I imagined.  But I have to admit, I was afraid to be let myself go in the blogosphere.  That is, I didn't want to reveal my real name or too many personal details about myself.  In recent months I have realised that this is perhaps the reason that I am not growing my audience.  But I want to "get out there" more because everytime I dip my toes in the water (so to speak) I find that there are more and more bloggers out there who are great people.  They write about things that interest me and I have gained so much from their blogposts.  I have new inspiration for: my classroom, organising my home, craft, kids activities and gifts.  I have new inspiration for my writing as well, which was the real reason for my blog in the first place.  So, getting out there means opening myself up to meet more people on the net and learning from them.  My effort to do this has included signing up to Pinterest and Twitter (and clicking on the links will take you to my home pages for each of those so you can check me out before you decide to follow me). 

I am still quite guarded when on the internet because I have had some bad experiences, but I am out there and I want to meet new people and learn more things.  So, get used to seeing me around. 

:) M

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YearntoLearn said...

What a great new endeavor! Blogging has changed my world. I'm happy to have found your blog and you will beat me at joining Twitter. I have no clue about all the tweets and stuff. Happy New Year!

Yearn to Learn Blog