Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Empty Glass

Dear readers, I would sincerely love some constructive criticism.  No matter when you read this.  I ask, because I want to be a better writer, so tell me if you think there is something I can improve upon this month.  My writing prompt for today is number 27:

"write a story about an empty glass"

It was early in the morning, but the sun was up.  Rosa stumbled down the hallway as she yawned and rubbed her tired eyes.  It was such an effort to move.  Why was she even awake?  She couldn't remember.  But there must be a reason.  She stretched and yawned again as she reached the kitchen.  Looking around the spotless kitchen, she noticed it sitting on the bench.  An empty glass. 

What was that doing there?  

Rosa frowned, her brow wrinkled as she rested her hands on her hips and began to look for other items out of place.  There was nothing else.  Just an empty glass, sitting on the bench, all alone.  No one else was home, and she was cetain that she had not left that glass there.  She was certain... absolutely certain... Rosa began to doubt herself.  Then she shook her head.  No, she was positive that she did not put that glass there.  Someone else had come into the house during the night.  But that didn't make sense, why would someone come into the house, just to use a glass and leave it on the bench? 

Rosa looked about the living room, and tiptoed into the bathroom to see if anything else had been distubed.  There was a jacket on the lounge, a jacket she didn't recognise.  There was a towel hanging on the bathtub.  A towel that wasn't there last night.  What was going on? Rosa's face was becoming more and more bewildered.  She decided her flatmate, Annette,  must have come home early from her holiday.  There was nothing else for it, she tiptoed towards Annette's room, took a deep breath and knocked.  Then she opened the door and peeked inside.  There, laying on the bed, was... not her flatmate!

Rosa's mouth dropped open, but she was too surprised to make a sound.  She took a step closer to the bed to investigate and found the stranger in Annette's bed, was actually her brother! She pushed him and slapped him and took away his pillows until he stirred.  "What are you doing here?" she shouted.   

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