Monday, January 2, 2012

Dear 10 year old me

This letter, came from a writing prompt (21) that instructed me to write a letter to my ten-year-old self.  When I turned 10, we moved house.  So here it is.  I haven't really edited it.  I just let it flow out of me.  I asked myself what I would say to that lost little girl and this is what came out.   

Dear 10 year old M

The ten year old me... there you are.  Laying on the floor of your PINK bedroom.  Wondering why you have to move house.  You are feeling quite sad and rather disgruntled by the concept of moving house.  You don't like that you don't get a say.  I am the 28 year old version of you.  I have a few secrets to tell you about the future.  I can't tell you everything because that would be breaking the rules.  But I can tell you this...

The new house you move to will be different.  But you will like it.  There will be many memories made there.  You will have your first kiss in this new house.  You will have sleepovers and forge relationships there.  You will redecorate your room.  You will enjoy the pool and in it you will also experience things that you will never forget.  That sounds a bit bizarre. I mean, you will make memories in the pool.  You will go swimming with your whole family at 10pm because it is simply too hot to sleep.  You will make big decisions in that house and hear many things. 

One day, you will move houses again.  In that house, you will make even more memories. 

Today you see only a glimpse of the days ahead.  There are a great many experiences that will seem awful to you.  There are words you will regret and events you will miss.  There is sadness and conflict ahead.  But you are strong and you will make it.  More importantly, God will carry you through.  He will ask you to do some stuff that you don't want to do, and some things that appear to be far too difficult.  Just say yes.  Do it.  Because you will regret the battle and end up doing it anyway.  God knows what is best for you. 

You will know love.  You will know loss.  You will have experiences that you only dream of; and more that are beyond your imagination.  You are a beautiful and incredibly intelligent young woman.  Don't ever forget that.  Regardless of what anyone else says, you are amazing and special. 

Read, Write, Learn as much as you can.  Listen: really listen.  Watch.  Ask questions and don't be afraid of the answers, keep asking and searching until you find them.  There are many things that you will forget.  Don't forget this.  Don't forget to be yourself.

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