Monday, October 17, 2011

Technological Gifts

Technology and I are having a bit of a feud at present.  I really don't like anything technological and I have come to the conclusion that if it involves technology I am bound to have a crisis on my hands at some point.  Some may say that my attitude is unhelpful.  However, I have attempted optimism and hopefulness to no avail.  In fact, I tend to fall harder and further when I get my hopes up.  What are the technical difficulties I am having?

  • the network card in my work computer broke... when a computer owned by a state government department breaks it takes twice even three times as long as it should to fix it because there is a delightful "procedure" that must be followed.
  • my home computer works, but is very slow... I have nicknamed it "my dinosaur"
  • my phone won't recharge and I am yet to work out if this is caused by the cord, battery, ports, or the whole phone itself... it could be a result of the number of falls it has had... I am very good at dropping things (especially when they are expensive and fragile)
  • the computer program at church was not compatible with the computer program I used at home to create my presentation last week and therefore it did not go according to plan when I presented it at church yesterday.  
  • I keep losing my usb flash drives (probably my fault more than the technology, but still)
What does this have to do with gift giving?  

If you plan on using technology to produce your gifts (either by making and printing or internet purchases etc) ensure you allow time for things to go wrong!  Also, have a back up plan.  I think I have mentioned that before.  Basically we need to remember that technology is only as reliable as the people who made it. Don't leave your brilliant technology based idea until Christmas Eve.  

If you are planning on gifting technology, think twice before you purchase anything.  People are fussy when it comes to their technology... apple vs microsoft... iphone vs android..... sony vs teac.  The other point to remember is that a technology toy that you think is fabulous might be the worst gift your friend can think of.  On the other hand, they might love it, but be totally lost when it comes to actually using it and the gift ends up at the top of a cupboard gathering dust.  So, when it comes to purchasing technology for others, be very careful.  If you really want to contribute to the technological advancement of your friends/ family, give them a gift voucher for a reputable electronics store and let them get what they really need or want with the advice of the experts.  Alternatively, if you buy something for the "digital immigrant" be prepared to teach them how to use it! 

:) M