Saturday, October 15, 2011

Love Languages Week

The last day of Love Languages Week and I have one more thing to say on the matter.  

If you have read all of my entries this week, you may have noticed something.  If you haven't read all of them, or you didn't notice, don't be disheartened.  I will make the connection for you!

The real key in communicating love to our loved ones is consideration.  The real key to being a friend, a good boss, a good employee...and developing good relationships is consideration.  THINK about others.  THINK about their NEEDS.  THINK about their good qualities.  THINK about their likes and dislikes.  

The other thing is ACTION.  It's likely that you already know what the people in your life like and dislike.  You probably already know their needs and good qualities.  Maybe you already think about them.  BUT... do you ACT on this stuff?  Do you try to MEET a NEED?  Do you TELL them about their GOOD POINTS? Do you give them GIFTS they will LIKE?  

What is my point?  Consider the people around you and do something about it!  

Hey, if you read me regularly.... 

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