Wednesday, October 19, 2011

"0" Birthday Gifts PART ONE

I am referring to the birthdays that end in zero.  For example, 10, 20, 30 and so on.  We all seem to believe that these birthdays are more of a milestone than the others that do not end in zero.  I am sure that we all understand that birthdays that end in zero are simply more special due to the arbitrary nature of our base ten system of numerical record and if we were still using base 8 mathematics milestones would be on our 16th, 24th, 32nd and 64th birthdays.  Wait a minute... 16th is important... ain't it.  So is 64th.  It must be, because someone wrote a song about turning 64... didn't they?

I digress.  

Today, one of my colleagues... and let's face it... good friends... turns 30.  I am not going to tell you her name.  Because I don't do that.  Let's call her... Princess Skinny Cow.  I realise that there a number of my friends who are skinny cows, but none of them are also princesses... well not at the same time!  Anywho... Princess Skinny Cow is like totally two years and a bit older than me and I am at a loss as to what to give her as a birthday present.  This is sort of ironic, considering that this month I am apparently dishing out advice about gift giving.  In the past when a colleague has reached an important birthday I have done something a bit nutty like... covering their desk in 45 pieces of paper with "one this day" facts, smiley faces, hand drawn pictures, jokes and birthday messages.  For another colleague, my teaching partner and I made 40 paper lanterns, wrote birthday messages on them and decorated, not only her desk, but the area around it.  We hung and stuck paper lanterns everywhere... it was very cool.  But something tells me that Princess Skinny Cow wouldn't appreciate that kind of fuss.  You see she is the quiet type.  She doesn't like to stand out in the crowd.  She is also blonde and a maths teacher.  The jury is still out on the idea that she would understand my birthday messages if they don't have a fancy mathematical name and sit in an exactly symmetrical pattern.  

So, what do we do for the great milestone birthday of a good friend.  When in doubt... CHOCOLATE!! 

Oh yeah, and if an entire blog post dedicated to her birthday isn't enough... I might just keep the chocolate for myself!