Thursday, October 27, 2011

More on Teachers and Gifts

Stuff Teachers Love...
  1. Stationery: great gift idea: also a bit of a minefield because some of us are a bit fussy about the type of pens we use!  However, teachers always need a pen and if they are desperate enough they will use anything!
  2. A rest: just a bit of quiet for just a little while... please!
  3. Stickers!
  4. Posters!!!
  5. Things that sparkle!!!
  6. Stationery (I know I have already mentioned this, but that is truly how much we love it)
  7. Books, books and more books!
  8. Almost anything related to the subject we teach!
  9. Chocolate, Coffee and Alcohol.  Some of us like all three... some of us choose just one to increase our endorphins... you should probably find out what your teacher specifically likes.
  10. Children... they taste great on the barbeque.