Friday, October 28, 2011


Happy Teachers' Day everyone! 

I hope it is an absolute joy for all of you... especially if you are a teacher. 

Our Student Council is serving a very unhealthy breakfast for the teachers at our school this morning.  I'm hungry!

To celebrate, I thought "we" would do something a bit different.  I am opening the comments today and I think that if you pop in (even if it is like 15 years in the future) you should comment and tell us about your favourite teacher and what they taught you.  Don't limit yourself to the school teachers though...
Teachers are Everywhere! 

Also, today... please... if you are able.... say thank you to the person/s who have taught you something.  When we teach we share a piece of ourselves with someone and when they teach it to someone else they share us too.  So, there are some teachers who literally have nothing left and yet they keep on giving! 

I would love to mention my favourite teacher, but you already know that I am awesome! 

:P M

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