Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Love Language Acts of Service

As seen in the last few days, it is Love Language Week.  
Today... Acts of Service

This works nicely as an "everyday" sort of gift, but can also be so beautifully executed on a special occasion. 

I have decided that the BFF speaks this language.  She is an angel.  She does sooo much for me and when she offers to do or get something for me I know she does it 'cos "we is friends!"  

Imagine out of the blue:
A mate cooks you dinner for no reason.
Ya mum does your washing.
The dishes are done.

But What about the special occasion?
It's your wedding anniversary and the partner cooks dinner. 
It's your birthday and your friends sneak into your house and clean! 
It's Mother's Day and the kids make you breakfast in bed.
It's your first day at a new job and your significant other makes you lunch.  
You get married and your BFF helps create and mail one hundred wedding invitations.  

I think you get the picture!!! 

The key here: consider your friend, their needs and what you can do to meet one or more of them.  

Comment: What is your favourite "act of service" to receive? 

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