Monday, October 10, 2011

Love Language Gifts

Yesterday I outlined the five love languages and suggested that we should consider these when wanting to give gifts.  So this week, I have decided to suggest some gifts based on each of the five love languages.  

Today... Gift Giving

This is the easy one.  By giving a gift we show our appreciation or love for the recipient.  The key is the existence of the gift so here are a few gifts you can give that simply exist.
  1. flowers
  2. book you love (but can part with)
  3. chocolate or lollies
  4. ice cream
  5. stationery 
  6. gift voucher
  7. small hand made item/s
  8. new necessities (a special version of the ordinary such as a toothbrush, sox, tissues, hair accessories)
  9. an itunes purchase
  10. cutesy knick knacks that say things like: "you are my angel" etc.
The key here is thought.  A gift that says... I thought about you today and I got you this.  

Tomorrow... Acts of Service

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