Wednesday, March 2, 2011

New Phrase

On occasion I like to visit a website known as Urban Dictionary.  The website has new words and phrases that are used often OR it tells of the "slang definition" of words that have been part of our vocabulary for centuries.  Some may scoff, but language is not stagnant, while people still speak it, it will develop and grow.  Language (especially the English language) is expanding and becoming more and more complicated as the need for additions to our vocabulary arise.  For example, 20 years ago: ipods, iphones, facebook, camera phones, bluetooth, ipads, text messages, were not words in our vocabulary, because they didn't even exist.  Many of the words in Urban Dictionary have come into greater use because of the ever-increasing technology in our world.  The fact that kids know how to look up the meaning of a word on the internet but not in a paper dictionary proves my point! Anyway, I hope you have cause to use this phrase one day.  Reading via an electronic device, is also a different experience that I believe we all must have at least once!

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An eBook that is exciting to read and hard to put down.
While reading Neil deGrass Tyson's Autobiography on my Amazon Kindle and his personal account of the events of September 11th 2001 I found the eBook to be a real page clicker as I became absorbed in the story.

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