Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Mashing March

Happy March 1st 2011 ladies and gentlemen!

The regular visitors to A Great Title will notice lots of changes this month.  I am scaling back the blog content and changing some of the presentation and design elements.  So during March, come by and check out the new stuff and please excuse the "under construction" view that you may experience over the coming 31 days.  As always, I will be sharing with you my favourite things, saying thank you, discovering new words and phrases and writing every genre of which I am capable.  There will be pictures, bad jokes, quotes, videos, slide shows, poems, book reviews, short stories, essays and a glimpse of my general nuttiness.

By the way, if you like or don't like a particular change, or you have a polite suggestion for the new look, let me know... that is why "reaction buttons" and "comment" sections exist.  Otherwise, they just take up space.

Hhhhmmmm, maybe that will be the first thing to go!

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