Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Blurred Boundaries of Fact and Fiction

"When you write fiction, people are forever insisting its really autobiographical; when you write autobiography, they accuse you of making it up."
Janette Turner-Hospital

Most people probably haven't heard of this woman.  She is an obscure, but talented, Australian author.  Her words ring true to me, which is the very reason I felt the need to share them with you.  The BFF and I had a rather intriguing conversation along the same lines earlier this year.  It was a discussion about whether my blog was pure fact, pure fiction or something in between.  People assume that every story, poem and commentary on A Great Title is my own... is all about me and my life.  They choose to believe that my writing is a reflection of how I am feeling and describes events that happened to me.  

Whatever happened to imagination?! 

Bear in mind, that when you read this blog, you will learn some of what I feel, and experience. However, you will also read the words of other authors (usually ones that are better than me) and I will always acknowledge them.  More often than not... you will be transported into an imaginary world, one that exists only in my special, pretty, little head!  
Let's think logically about this... do real people photograph their stuffed animals... and write limericks about them? I don't think so!

In this case, whether each post is fact or fiction is something you have to decide for yourself.  I will tell you now.... you will never learn everything about me simply by reading this blog!

PS I have more to say on this matter... but will save it for another time when I am trying to avoid doing the dishes

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