Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Portrait Poems

These are also known as Bio-poems.  There are a number of different structures that fall into the Portrait Poem category.  They are all useful for the beginning of the year/ term / unit because the only knowledge required is of oneself and the structures are simple.  When published they can form the basis of welcome/ meet the class displays.  If you want to know more about portrait poems and their different forms (including examples) see the following websites.

The first Portrait structure that I am going to attempt has three stanzas (poetry paragraphs).  Each line has a "starter phrase" to create a pattern.  Rhyming may happen accidentally but is purely unnecessary.

I am M

I am a teacher who has a blog.
I wonder how children see their world.
I hear voices and humming when I am alone.
I see my toys playing after bedtime.
I want a good night's sleep.
I am a teacher who has a blog.

I pretend to have no pain.
I feel freed by the written word.
I touch minds, searching for the open door and the light switch.
I worry what people think of me and I worry about the happiness of others.
I cry when friends leave, when I remember, when I can't stop the tears.
I am a teacher who has a blog.

I understand that there is more than this.
I say that God loves me.
I dream of the past, the present and future.
I try to learn new things and ask questions.
I hope that tomorrow will be better.
I am a teacher who has a blog.

So there is my first Portrait Poem, I'm not sure if I will get to the others before the end of the month.  GGM there is so much to do!

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