Monday, February 21, 2011


I borrowed this from a website that I have been using for "research" this month.  As you can see I have recognised all my sources.  I thought a bit of humour would be nice for a Monday morning. 
Have a Marvellous Day :)

The Opposite Day Parade 
by Timothy Tocher

Because the day was rainy, 
it was easy to persuade 
my folks to take me to 
the Opposite Day Parade.

The band passed by at twilight 
playing Sunrise Serenade. 
We liked the music so darn much, 
we booed them while they played. 

Sleek fire engines followed, 
covered in smoke and flame. 
I quickly called 119. 
Of course, no help came. 

Some paramedics raced by, 
tearing band-aids off the crowd. 
I couldn’t hear their siren 
because it blew so loud. 

The Boy Scouts never showed up. 
I guess they weren’t prepared. 
I’d hate to go back next year, 
and I hope to see you there.

© Timothy Tocher

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