Wednesday, February 23, 2011


They kind of look like a triangle.  Here's the basics... as found at:

Cinquain poems have the following rules -
Line 1 - One word (a noun) naming the subject of the verse.
Line 2 - Two words (adjectives) describing the subject.
Line 3 - Three words (verbs) describing the subject's actions.
Line 4 - Four words giving the writer's opinion of the subject.
Line 5 - One word (noun) giving another name for the subject.

The Cinquain is a nice little poetry structure for use in the classroom.  This is a great way to use that knowledge of grammar in a meaningful way.  Usually this structure will fit into any unit/theme of work.  I first used the Cinquain structure when teaching a weather unit with year three students.

I will make an attempt of my own, but not today!      

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