Sunday, January 30, 2011

Part 4

Hello Everyone,

You know I really never intended on writing about the antics that seem to go on at my church, but it seems that the God I serve has an excellent sense of humour. Therefore, another story has come to light and I have to share.

When Mum and I arrived at church this morning there was a gathering and commotion in the foyer.  A couple that attends the church... old friends of ours (literally old) had brought their grandchildren along.  You might be imagining the many reasons why two small children might cause a commotion.  However the children were nowhere to be seen.  The grandfather was in the foyer, surrounded by several other church members (of similar age), struggling with a folded three-wheeled pram.  He could not find the right button and did not know which part to pull and which part to push... he was offering $10 to anyone who could get it up before the meeting commenced.

Mum and I knelt on the floor and started lifting the pram, turning it over and around, searching for each button and switch and attempting to discover which one would magically pop open the pram and bounce it into position.  We found the button, the minister, pushed it and in a rather awkward and jerky motion the pram unfolded and clicked into position.

That may not seem so humorous to some people.  Here's the funny part.  By the time Mum and I got into the act, the "grandfather" had given up and decided it would be much more fun to take photos of these confused adults crouched on the floor trying to put up his pram!  I smiled and waved (I know his son and daughter-in-law, who would appreciate the funny side).  I'm sure this is going to become one of those "remember when... stories" that will be trotted out the next twenty times we sit down for a meal together!

So that was that and I'm still waiting for my $10! :)

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