Friday, January 28, 2011

Favourite.... Books

It is no secret that I am a book lover.  However, there are some books, classic and modern alike, that hold a special place in my heart and my library.

I am talking about the books that I can read again and again and again.  The books that make me laugh or knowingly nod at a character description.  My favourites have to be; Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Harry Potter.  These books contain old friends.  It doesn't matter how many times I read the book the magic of the written word enchants me every time.  I feel at home, among friends, meandering down memory lane and on an adventure all at once.

I love books by Jane Austen, parodies of intelligent girls and their silly mothers, their understanding fathers and their ridiculous suitors.  I enjoy reading them even if I've read them before.  I enjoy curling up with Elenor and Marianne to cry over lost loves.  I chuckle as Elizabeth proudly refuses the man she loves.  I am appalled by the infidelity at Mansfield Park.  I am consumed by the active imagination of Cartherine visiting Northanger Abbey.  I am persuaded by Captain Wentworth that love can endure.  I shake my head at the matchmaking blunders of Emma who has far too much time on her hands.  I bite my lip and stifle my laughter at the antics described in the letters of Lady Susan and her cohorts.

I fall in love with my books every time I open them.  They are like sunshine on a rainy day.  They fill the gaps when my budget is slim and new books can't be bought.

Turn to your old books that you have already read and read them again.  It's like visiting with friends!

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