Thursday, January 13, 2011


Today's thank you goes to the people of our emergency services organisations.  Great Job guys and gals.  Keep up the good work!  It is horrifying to see the footage of the floods (and bush fires and motor vehicle accidents and train disasters and cyclone aftermath) on television.  You see it in real time in real life.  You meet the people effected and you save lives.  I am in awe of your courage.  You are prayed for daily!  Hang in there!

I also want to thank the families of our emergency services workers.  Some of these men and women are volunteers and some are paid, but all of them have families.  Parents, husbands, wives, partners, children, sisters and brothers: Thank you for sharing these amazing people with us.  You are prayed for too!

Aussies are awesome!  Maybe we can't play cricket (I watch the news), but this team will survive and be bigger and better than ever!

So That's Thursday.  Praise God for the blue sky and the shining sun!

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